What Can GetUFit Do For You?

Get into Shape Faster and Safer Than Any Other Programs in Town!

Read on to find out how…

By providing for you, personal and private training sessions which address your individual personal needs and concerns;

By providing the safety, knowledge and experience in the use of equipment to limit any risk of injury while Getting U Fit;

By providing you with a safe environment with friendly and professional staff;

By assuring no interruptions during your scheduled sessions, which mean no waiting for use of equipment and a professional trainer who is with you at all times, 1-on-1.

Training with GetUFit Personal Wellness, you can gain lasting results which can include nutritional guidance, a training that will reduce the possibility of injury during your workouts and take you to any level of fitness you desire.



GetUFit takes you to any level of fitness you wish to reach


I am grateful to train with Jennifer Petinaud at GetUFit. Jennifer represents excellence in physical training. At the GetUFit studio I get uninterrupted one-on-one individually designed injury-free workouts. In the privacy of my training I feel free to discuss comfortably my dietary and exercise practices. Jennifer’s private studio is a place just for me to focus on my health and get away from the stress of daily life and crowded gyms. more »

Now In Forties, Still Feeling Strong And Lean!

Once I reached my forties, realized I had slowly been putting on weight and I didn’t like where the pounds had settled. I had reached a plateau with trying to maintain muscle strength and definition on my own. My aerobic classes alone just couldn’t do it for me anymore. I knew I needed to kick it up a notch to increase my daytime energy levels and feel stronger physically and mentally. Knowing how important it is to have proper body alignment and technique while lifting weights, as well as a personalized workout, I decided to work with a trainer. more »

I lost 20lbs with diet alone!!

After countless trainers and overcrowded gyms I finally discovered Jennifer. One step into her PRIVATE state of the art studio I knew she was the one who could get me to my goal. Being a former body builder and competitor, Jennifer is not just another certified trainer… She has incredible experience, knowledge and dedication to get results and take you to the next level… It’s not a one size fits all or a quick fix. It is a life style change and no one knows how to achieve it better then her. She individualizes your eating and work out regime. Recently she formulated a new eating plan, and then proceeded to motivate and encourage me daily, sometimes numerous times a day. I lost 20lbs with diet alone!! more »

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GetUFit Personal Wellness specializes in one-one-one private personal training in Claremont, Montclair, Upload, Pomona, La Verne, Sand Dimas and Rancho Cucamonga. Other services we provide include weight loss programs, nutrition coaching, aqua massage therapy, and figure competition coaching.