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Armen Bagdasarian, Real Estate Broker

I have been training with Jennifer at Get U Fit since 2006. There is no mistaking her knowledge of the body and nutrition. Through a combination of training and nutrition I lost 25+ pounds, kept it of…
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Andrew Primack

Whether I am goal oriented training, preparing for a triathlon, run, or ride, or just trying to stay in shape I can ALWAYS count on Jennifer to keep me focused and on track. At GetUFit all components …
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D. Sandhu, Boston University

For my entire childhood and adolescence I was very overweight. This resulted in having a very low self-esteem and just not being happy with myself. All of the diets, sports teams, and quick fixes I t…
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Christina Chick, SAHM

I have known Jennifer Petinaud for many years and through these years, I have watched her train many clients. I am always amazed at the transformations from when they started the program to when they …
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R. Sandhu, Physician

I have had an excellent experience with personal training with one-to-one attention with Jennifer. I recommend my patients to exercise for physical and mental health, but with daily stress I had stopp…
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Shirin Razavian, American University

Training with Jennifer has been quite the experience. Not only has she helped me get in shape, but she has done so in such a delightful way. Meeting with Jennifer twice a week always means shedding po…
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M. Brown

I work out w/ Jennifer at GetUFit because I have had back surgery. For many years I worked out at a larger gym, but found that there was rarely any personnel available on the fioor to answer the ques…
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Nikki Rodrigues

After countless trainers and overcrowded gyms I finally discovered Jennifer. One step into her PRIVATE state of the art studio I knew she was the one who could get me to my goal. Being a former body b…
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Rob Muster

Jennifer and Get-U-Fit has been a great benefit to me. I started with Jennifer over 5 years ago where she was training me at the gym. She then started up Get-U-Fit and we began training at my home in…
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Karen Olin

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and dreaded going to the gym or doing your workout? Well, that’s how I used to feel before I trained with Jennifer at Get U Fit. I am greeted each time wit…
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Christina R. S.

I have known and been a client of Jennifer’s for over 20 years. She has always been a wealth of knowledge on diets, work outs, and everything that falls in between. I started with Jennifer when …
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Brad Gribble, Attorney

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Jennifer Petinaud. Jennifer is not only a phenomenal personal trainer but I consider her a friend and an exceptional person. She is the firs…
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Barbara Andiyjowicz, Pharmacist

Once I reached my forties, realized I had slowly been putting on weight and I didn’t like where the pounds had settled. I had reached a plateau with trying to maintain muscle strength and defini…
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Tyler Chick, Pepperdine University

At GetUFit I learned to eat right and improve my self image and self confidence I started as a client trying to gain lean, hard muscle for high school swimming. Now, in college, I’m living a new…
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Stacie Crebs

I started working out with Jennifer Petinaud eight years ago after I had my son to lose the baby weight. After training with her, not only was my body leaner and toner then it had ever been, I looked …
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Denise Funk, D.D.S

I am grateful to train with Jennifer Petinaud at GetUFit. Jennifer represents excellence in physical training. At the GetUFit studio I get uninterrupted one-on-one individually designed injury-free wo…
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“I have trained with trainers before but nothing compared to training with Jennifer.  She works with the entire person – mentally, emotionally, and physically.  She goes above and beyond t…
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Bonnie F., Claremont, CA

I have the latest treadmill and Pilates reformer in my home, but I have been frustrated with my lack of success until I met Jennifer. At my first appointment with Jennifer, she did an intake/interview…
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Brad G., Upland, CA

Jennifer is not only a phenomenal personal trainer but I consider her a friend and an exceptional person. She is the first trainer that I have worked with. I have been working out with her for 4 years…
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Sara S., Glendora, CA

I have been training with Jennifer for 11 months now and I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that I found her. I love Jennifer’s private studio and one-on-one training. Every workout is fun and…
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“Sara Lost Over 85 lbs - Newly Transformed Person!”

I have been training with Jennifer for 11 months now and I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that I found her. I love Jennifer’s private studio and one-on-one training. She really has taken the time to get to know me, every workout is fun and new and specially designed with my goals in mind. 

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