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Aqua Massage


An Aqua Massage offers the perfect combination of serenity and relaxation without the time constraints of a traditional massage.

Oil and hands free

The Aqua Massage uses 36 jets of heated water to offer a full-body massage without ever getting wet or even undressed. It’s just like having 3 masseuse’s fingers working on you all at once. Where a traditional massage can take at least an hour plus prep time before your massage and time for showering after your massage, this amazing treatment offers you packages that will have you relaxed and ready to get back to your daily life within minutes of your Aqua Massage.

We offer 3 different Aqua Massage Monthly Membership packages where you alone control your individual pre-programmed Aqua Massage Session.

The Monthly Membership package allows you the member to pre-set a program that you choose from eight different profiles for your Individual Aqua Massage Session. With your monthly membership, your Aqua Massage sessions will allow you to suit your unique requirements, such as stronger pressure on the lower back and gentle pressure in the neck region.

During your session, you will have use of a handheld control which will enable you to pause the massage jets on a desired location, increase or decrease the pressure in any one of the 12 pre set zones, and select a single or double direction effect of massage for optimum pain relief and/or relaxation.

Pay As You Go

Our guests who do not have a monthly membership and would like to schedule a massage are welcomed to enjoy the benefits of a Custom Aqua Massage. A Custom Aqua Massage allows you to relax as an experienced staff member controls the Aqua Massage jets concentrating on your areas of concern while you relax and enjoy the experience. We control the water temperature, pressure and pulsation, along with pausing the jets and maneuvering back and forth in your areas of concern, thus easing tension and leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

For our Aqua Massage Monthly Membership Guests (AMMMG) who would sometimes prefer a Custom Aqua Massage will receive a discounted rate on each scheduled Custom Aqua Massage session.