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October 13, 2016

Barbara Andiyjowicz, Pharmacist

Once I reached my forties, realized I had slowly been putting on weight and I didn’t like where the pounds had settled. I had reached a plateau with trying to maintain muscle strength and definition on my own. My aerobic classes alone just couldn’t do it for me anymore. I knew I needed to kick it up a notch to increase my daytime energy levels and feel stronger physically and mentally. Knowing how important it is to have proper body alignment and technique while lifting weights, as well as a personalized workout, I decided to work with a trainer. After talking to many clients and checking out various trainers, I finally chose Jennifer. Not only does she have a cheerful and professional attitude, but she keeps my sessions upbeat, varied and challenging. In my first year working with her, I went from 27.8% body fat to 18.9% body fat by increasing my lean muscle, losing body fat, and eating a healthier diet. Jennifer’s encouragement, commitment and positive outlook have been essential to my success. Today, in my 50’s, I still train with Jennifer. Fifteen years after we began, I am still as strong and lean, and the only thing I have gained is a good friend 🙂

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