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Armen Bagdasarian, Real Estate Broker

I have been training with Jennifer at Get U Fit since 2006. There is no mistaking her knowledge of the body and nutrition. Through a combination of training and nutrition I lost 25+ pounds, kept it off and transformed my physique. Jennifer has helped me prepare for marathons and can tailor a specific training program […]

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Wendy Reeder, Department Chair World languages

Working out with Jennifer means pushing yourself to the limit. She understands your fitness level when you come in to train; and, she plans your workouts from that point forward. Jennifer knows the human body well. Once she talks with a client about his or her goals, she challenges the body to meet those goals. […]

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Andrew Primack

Whether I am goal oriented training, preparing for a triathlon, run, or ride, or just trying to stay in shape I can ALWAYS count on Jennifer to keep me focused and on track. At GetUFit all components of training are addressed. Jennifer’s personalized approach to custom tailored training in and outside of the facility, nutrition, […]

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D. Sandhu, Boston University

For my entire childhood and adolescence I was very overweight. This resulted in having a very low self-esteem and just not being happy with myself. All of the diets, sports teams, and quick fixes I tried were to no avail and often had the opposite result. That’s when my parents brought up the idea of […]

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Christina Chick, SAHM

I have known Jennifer Petinaud for many years and through these years, I have watched her train many clients. I am always amazed at the transformations from when they started the program to when they finished. Throughout my life I have always been active and have tried to eat healthy. Over the years I have […]

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R. Sandhu, Physician

I have had an excellent experience with personal training with one-to-one attention with Jennifer. I recommend my patients to exercise for physical and mental health, but with daily stress I had stopped taking care of myself. With increasing fatigue and weight, I was not sure if I could take care of my patients. I started […]

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Shirin Razavian, American University

Training with Jennifer has been quite the experience. Not only has she helped me get in shape, but she has done so in such a delightful way. Meeting with Jennifer twice a week always means shedding pounds and sharing laughs. Her one-on-one training allows you to train in a private, comfortable environment. With personalized music […]

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M. Brown

I work out w/ Jennifer at GetUFit because I have had back surgery. For many years I worked out at a larger gym, but found that there was rarely any personnel available on the fioor to answer the questions I had. Once you’ve had a back injury, you must be careful with the exercises and […]

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Nikki Rodrigues

After countless trainers and overcrowded gyms I finally discovered Jennifer. One step into her PRIVATE state of the art studio I knew she was the one who could get me to my goal. Being a former body builder and competitor, Jennifer is not just another certified trainer… She has incredible experience, knowledge and dedication to […]

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