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October 13, 2016

Bonnie F., Claremont, CA

I have the latest treadmill and Pilates reformer in my home, but I have been frustrated with my lack of success until I met Jennifer. At my first appointment with Jennifer, she did an intake/interview with me that was so thorough that she seemed to know me almost intuitively. She designed a workout and nutrition program which helped me achieve my goals in a short time. My weight came off steadily and gradually. I was surprised to feel significantly more energetic after only a couple of days on the program and I noticed a change in my complexion after just a couple of weeks.

Working out with Jennifer is challenging, rewarding, and fun! In Jennifer’s private, custom studio, she mixes things up using kettlebells, weighted medicine balls, jump rope, as well as weight machines. Every session is different and the workout sessions seem to fly by. Jennifer’s support extends beyond the studio. She was great about texting or calling me and helping me through my new workout and nutrition program, asking questions, and offering advice, and mainly just making sure all was well.

Jennifer’s goal is to help you achieve your goals and develop an independent life style to maintain those goals. I’ve used what I have learned from Jennifer to maintain my goals while frequently traveling out of state. For me Jennifer represents the model for professionalism, knowledge of her profession, and best of all…I have discovered a new friend!

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