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Brad G., Upland, CA

Jennifer is not only a phenomenal personal trainer but I consider her a friend and an exceptional person. She is the first trainer that I have worked with. I have been working out with her for 4 years. Not only have I been working out with Jennifer, but so are my wife, son and daughter. From the beginning, Jennifer took the time to sit down with me and to customize a program based upon my personal needs. Since I have been working out with Jennifer, I have lost 25 pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol are now under control, which was a major goal. The program that she customized for me was not just weight training, it is an all-around health program and includes a customized eating program (not a diet!) which has been crucial to a significant overall improvement in my health. Of course the program includes a customized weight training and cardiovascular program as well. My problem in the past has always been one of boredom. I have to say that each of my sessions with Jennifer is not only not boring; it is something that I look forward to. Jennifer customizes a schedule to work around my busy schedule and we will meet on the weekends if necessary, at five-o-clock in the morning or in the evening, depending on my busy schedule. In the past when I was working out on my own, I always became bored of the “same old” routines, which was my biggest obstacle to my continued working out. My sessions with Jennifer are never boring and she customizes the environment, and she always keeps it upbeat and very lively. Jennifer’s great and engaging personality is critical to what sets her program apart. Jennifer’s program is affordable and Jennifer is very easy to work with. Compared to other programs, hers is a real bargain financially. Since I view it not only as an overall health program, it is money very well spent and a great value. I look forward to continuing to train with Jennifer, and for anyone looking for a program to help improve their health, positive mental outlook, and self-esteem I would highly recommend that you give Jennifer and GetUFit a try.

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