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October 13, 2016

Christina Chick, SAHM

I have known Jennifer Petinaud for many years and through these years, I have watched her train many clients. I am always amazed at the transformations from when they started the program to when they finished. Throughout my life I have always been active and have tried to eat healthy. Over the years I have done all kinds of diets and they would work temporarily. A few years ago I had grown very frustrated and tired of doing all these radical things to try and keep my weight down and as a result I had fallen into a rut of poor eating habits. I decided to have a consultation with Jennifer and within a few minutes of talking with her I knew she was highly educated and extremely knowledgeable not only in nutrition and fitness but in overall health and well being. When I started at Get U fit my weight had reached the highest I had ever been, 142 pounds, and my body fat was even higher than I expected at 31.1%. I am only 5’3” so they were both high. After about 6 months on the
program my weight dropped to 119.4 pounds and my body fat reduced to 20.4%! I lost over 20 pounds of weight and 10.7% body fat. If you are willing to be committed she will design a customized program that will work for you as it has for me. It’s not a radical program that you cannot do its just sensible eating and consistent workouts. I will say it’s a lifestyle change but it is so worth it…. Jennifer has a way of motivating you. She is so encouraging and positive and I love the private one-on-one training. Jennifer gives you 100% of her attention, no interruptions, no distractions and you get a varied and challenging workout. I have now been training on my own for about 6 months. I believe that all the knowledge I gained from J €I’lI’lif8l’ and the discipline to stick to the program that she designed for me is why I am having great success. I now understand the importance of nutrition, exercise and how having both in my daily routine are key to maintaining my weight loss and fitness level. I still get to indulge in the foods I love. I feel great!! I look great!! I finally found something that really works!!

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