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October 13, 2016

Christina R. S.

I have known and been a client of Jennifer’s for over 20 years. She has always been a wealth of knowledge on diets, work outs, and everything that falls in between. I started with Jennifer when she was at the Claremont Club, which is a public gym. She then continued on to a smaller venue Iron Works Gym, which she still felt did not quite suit her or her needs. So she did some research and with careful planning opened up GET U FIT. We all felt this was going to be the perfect place for Jennifer to tap into all of her potential as a trainer, fitness consultant and to really use her nutritional guidance to help clients attain their goals. It was only with GET U FIT where she finally was able to have the freedom of her own studio with the standards that she herself wanted and deserved. She searched out fantastic equipment, set it up in a way that was not only a phenomenal work out studio, but also a comfortable place to go without interruptions or distractions from other people, trainers and lines. She created a studio that offered everything a large facility could or would but without the “big” facility feel. I myself met Jennifer when I was single and had no children. Today I am married and have four beautiful boys. Jennifer played a big part in my post pregnancy body recovery. With each pregnancy I continued to workout with Jennifer, so when I managed to gain eighty pounds or more with all four pregnancies getting the weight off was a little easier. I had not lost all my muscle when pregnant, just covered it with fat. With the help of Jennifer and her diet and workout guidance after I was finished nursing my babies I was able to always loose all of the pregnancy weight and then some. Actually ending up more fit and thin than I had been before I started having children. I am 37 years old and have never been in better shape!! Jennifer and GET U FIT are incredible resources for anyone who wants to look their personal best!

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