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October 13, 2016

D. Sandhu, Boston University

For my entire childhood and adolescence I was very overweight. This resulted in having a very low self-esteem and just not being happy with myself. All of the diets, sports teams, and quick fixes I tried were to no avail and often had the opposite result. That’s when my parents brought up the idea of training with J Bl’lI’lif8l’. This was the best decision I ever made! J ennifer’s optimistic, fun attitude made me look forward to every session and helped give me the drive I needed to make a lifestyle change. Jennifer helped me make healthy dietary changes and adapt an active physical lifestyle. Not only did I obtain a slim new figure, losing fifty pounds, but I also grew stronger and gained a passion for exercise which I never thought possible. It has been six years since losing that weight and I have managed to keep it off as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle due to all of J em1ifer’s help! Without J em1ifer’s compassion, fun workouts, and bright personality, I would never have been able to lose the weight, keep it off, and feel better about myself.

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