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Denise Funk, D.D.S

I am grateful to train with Jennifer Petinaud at GetUFit. Jennifer represents excellence in physical training. At the GetUFit studio I get uninterrupted one-on-one individually designed injury-free workouts. In the privacy of my training I feel free to discuss comfortably my dietary and exercise practices. Jennifer’s private studio is a place just for me to focus on my health and get away from the stress of daily life and crowded gyms. Over the past 20 years I have worked with numerous trainers. No one has given me the long term lasting results that I have received under Jennifer’s guidance for the last two years. My body has gone from 19.9% body fat to 11.2% and my weight has dropped from 121 lbs to a consistent 108 lbs. My strength and flexibility have increased proportionately. I am 54 years old and have never been in better shape! Jennifer is currently preparing me for a Fitness Competition. She will take you to any level of fitness you wish to reach.

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