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October 13, 2016

Karen Olin

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and dreaded going to the gym or doing your workout? Well, that’s how I used to feel before I trained with Jennifer at Get U Fit. I am greeted each time with a huge hug and smile that is just the beginning of a session full of positive reinforcement and motivation. No matter how many times I say, “That’s too heavy, how many more, or I just can’t do that”, she comes back with “You are so good, just a few more and, of course, you can!” I used to train at a private club, but there is no comparison to the privacy and undivided attention one gets at her studio. The session is always on time, you are the total focus of her attention, the only one there for the time allotted with no distractions or interruptions. Aside from the obvious results of looking and feeling better, there is the inner confidence and satisfaction each time you walk out that door that you have had time and money well spent!!!

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