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October 13, 2016

Pam Hudson, President, Top Dollar Realty, Inc.

This letter is written from the heart about a wonderful lady that has worked so hard the last three years for both me and my husband Tom to turn our lives around. We have become strong and healthy and motivated and energized from her dedication and direction. Jennifer Petinaud is that one-of-a-kind person that will truly benefit the life of anyone that she becomes involved with. Fier knowledge and expertise are evident the first few moments you begin to work with her. As you spend more and more time, it becomes apparent how many things she has already learned about you and the plans she has in her mind for how she will help you reshape and strengthen your body as well as your mind. Her own self-discipline provides the ongoing motivation for why exercise and Diet and overall care of one’s body is so important for living a vital and enjoyable life. I owe my positive outlook to her friendship and help over the last few years, having returned to all of my old clothing and finding a new, happier, stronger self.

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