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Personal Training

The atmosphere at GetUFit is personal, private and confidential. From the start of your session to the end of your session, it’s “All about YOU.” There are no interruptions during your session. And, to motivate you if you so choose, you have your choice of listening to music on either iPod or satellite television; or while working out, you can choose your favorite television program to listen to in a temperature controlled studio.

GetUFit Personal Wellness concentrates in many areas such as personalized diet analysis and management, weight loss, resistance training, body sculpting and injury rehabilitation. Beginning with your first visit to GetUFit, you will encounter the professional yet personable expertise of your personal trainer & coach Jennifer Petinaud who will explain what your customized/individual one-on-one sessions will entail. This will be based on your own physical ability, medical history and fitness level. We begin with a Polar Body Age System which is more than a fitness assessment; it’s a whole new way of letting you know how healthy you currently are and how healthy you could be.

GetUFit is a state-of-the-art studio with all the equipment you would want or need to achieve your fitness goals along with the guidance of your personal trainer and coach Jennifer Petinaud. While training with Jennifer. your sessions may either be in the privacy of the indoor studio and/or she may take you outdoors and maintain a one-on-one training session customized just for you. This variety of training methods will keep both your body and mind guessing what will come next. At the end of each session, be male or female, you will feel “this lady trainer is no joke.”

GetUFit Personal Wellness is The Complete Package

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