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Atomic Fire – ATP


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CAUTION: So much energy is generated that about one in several thousand experience negative effects such as rapid heart beating. So we encourage people to open the first capsule and take only one half to test your ability to handle the energy. Few people have a problem but we want everyone to have a positive result.

People with irregular heart beat of any kind should also know that the increased energy will make the irregular beat more pronounced. It is the nature of high energy so test with one half capsule first.

For people with serious fatigue that has become chronic, this product may be a life saver.

Use ATOMIC FIRE POWER in conjunction with our:
GREENS (which may restore the body’s energy core)
BODY-PRO (which may seriously increase the body’s strength and muscle development)
OXY CHANNEL (for increased Oxygen, Hydrogen & Minerals)

Using these 4 products usually makes an athlete virtually unbeatable due to energy and strength.

Atomic Fire Power will usually increase your energy several notches all day with one capsule in the morning. It usually lasts for 8-10 hours.

For those who are Fatigued to the point of 0-2 on a scale of 10 are chronic, chronic, chronic and this may be caused by Candida. (see our Syclovir)
At this low level of energy many become Chemically Sensitive which means many of the things they need to take will cause a bad reaction. The Chemical reaction problem must be dealt with first. Some are so bad off they may have to use Light Therapy to gain some energy.

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