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Total Body Greens


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Are you getting the 9 servings of ORGANIC fruits and vegetables you need in your diet every day? Well … now you can with our “TOTAL BODY GREENS with MANGOSTEEN! Without Tasting Like You Just Ate a Pile of Grass. TOTAL BODY GREENS taste like a dessert but it’s flavor is obtained by careful blending of ORGANIC greens and fruit. Even your children will like it. Just one scoop exceeds the nutritional equivalent of TWENTY servings of fruits and vegetables. The AVERAGE AMERICAN DIET consists of meat, bread, cheese, coffee, chocolate, sugar, milk, cereal, cookies, flour – you name it … all ACID-FORMING foods. In fact, all the food we crave is acid-forming, and acidification of the body fluids and tissues is linked to EVERY KNOWN DISEASE. When your body is overly acidic, you become vulnerable to germs, yeast, bacteria, molds, and fungi. These microorganisms thrive in an acidic environment. WE ARE DIGGING OUR OWN GRAVES WITH OUR TEETH! We just can’t live in America and not expect to be nutritionally depleted! ..What is the opposite of acidic foods? Alkaline foods..…. What are alkaline foods? …. They are the green, leafy vegetables and colorful fruits that were put here for us to enjoy. Most of us eat 80% acidic foods and 20% alkaline foods and we need to reverse the trend 180 degrees. So now what? Eat salads all day? NO! We can’t expect to give everything up. The answer is TOTAL BODY GREENS with MANGOSTEEN! We have known for years that an alkalizing greens drink was what was missing from our health regime, but we just couldn’t seem to choke down the ones we had sampled. They either tasted like the stuff cows love to eat -or- it was like ……….. licking the bottom of a lawn mower

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