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By age 40 we usually have used up our alkaline reservoir and we become acidic. Our bones are the only main source the body has to acquire alkaline material to balance the huge acid build-up we create. Stomach acid, metabolic processes and things like soft drinks overtax our fragile pH balance. Several drops of the Alkalizer in all liquids can bring your pH up to an alkaline of 9 to 14. Acid build-up is one of the main factors in arthritis.

You may combine with our TOTAL BODY GREENS, drink 2 to 4 quarts of GOOD WATER per day, plus EXERCISE & do lots of DEEP BREATHING.

Eating lots of meat
Mercury fillings in your teeth

Often body and joint pain is the result of an ACIDIC body. If you know you are acidic by testing your saliva first thing in the morning with some p/H test strips, you may find the info below helpful.
– Deep breathing as this alkalizes the body
– 3 to 4 quarts of water per day (This alkalizes the body)
– Using our Total Body Greens which taste great by the way. (alkalizes the body)
– AND putting some ALKALIZER into all the liquids you drink may be very helpful.
INGREDIENTS: Sodium Hydroxide — Odorless & Tasteless.

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