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Tyler Chick, Pepperdine University

At GetUFit I learned to eat right and improve my self image and self confidence I started as a client trying to gain lean, hard muscle for high school swimming. Now, in college, I’m living a new life. After training with Jennifer, I have learned how to avoid the freshman 15, or in some cases, the freshman 5o. GetUFit taught me to eat right, while maintaining an all important positive outlook ultimately making my diet a way of life, something you won’t find at a local um. Once a fast food junkie, I found the delicate balance between healthy and unhealthy foods, often voluntarily staying away from unhealthy food. In addition, I learned how to live not only important diet portion of fitness, but also to live out the training portion. Instead of wasting time with sloppy form, I was taught the correct way to complete exercises for the best results, and in fact teach others to prosper as well. Jennifer has really made an astounding impact on my life, self esteem, and future self image. Believe me, any doubts you have about having the perfect body or just improving your lifestyle, get u fit will give you the tools to live a happier, healthier life.

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